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History of the company

Founded in 1938 by Fernando Mora Salas, Guillermo Pérez Bulgarelli, and Víctor Bulgarelli Flores, our law firm started with the name Mora, Bulgarelli, Pérez and has since become the oldest firm in Costa Rica. We have proven to be a solid and reliable firm, adhering to high ethical standards, and committed to providing exceptional service to our clients.

Our attorneys have extensive experience and knowledge in both local and global contexts, consistently providing quality legal services to meet the demands of a globalized economy.

We offer services in several languages, including Spanish, English, German, Italian, and French. In addition, we have established legal, social, and political strategic alliances that prepare us for any challenge and distinguish us from our competitors.

As a pioneer in the development of international law firm networks, we offer a wide range of services including Real Estate, Labor Law, Immigration Law, Civil and Commercial Law, Litigation, Bankruptcy Law, Administrative Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Arbitration. Our Litigation team is always striving to settle commercial disputes amicably, but we also have some of the most experienced and resourceful litigators in the country for when a brawl is necessary.

Our specialized department for Immigration Law provides services to foreigners who want to settle in Costa Rica. Additionally, our founding partner Fernando Mora Rojas has been an active party in modernizing and diffusing the arbitration process in Costa Rica for the past twenty years. Today, he is an arbitrator at the three most important arbitration tribunals in the country, and our founding member Ramón Yglesias is also an active arbitrator.

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