Mora, Yglesias & Asociados opens new coastal office in Guanacaste

Mora, Yglesias & Asociados, the commercial law firm member of IR Global in Costa Rica, recently opened an office in Nosara, Guanacaste, specialized in real estate transactions and to cater the needs of the growing Nosara community of quality legal services.

The youngest partner of the firm, Manuel Yglesias Mora, oversees the project and will now dedicate most of his time to the new office. In his own words, the move was intended to fulfill one of the basic principles of good management: to find the opportunity in a crisis. “I was first drawn to Nosara because of the very special surfer culture that evolved there. The community is very organized, very environmentally conscious, and many of the residents are affluent investors looking for their beach retreat or their early retirement home. Recently, many of the foreign residents are either business people taking advantage of the very favorable real estate market, which offers excellent returns on investments, or high-level executives that manage their companies remotely. I started developing my clientele around 8 years ago, knowing that there was a bright future here, and indeed there was. I have many clients that have been with our firm for a long time, and naturally my presence in the area makes it easier for me to make the connections and nurture the relationships for a faster growth.”

Nosara, Guanacaste, has been featured in Forbes several times, as part of the blue zones of Costa Rica, places where people seem to live longer and more satisfying lives. This, added to the famously perfect wave of Playa Guiones, and many other surfing destinations nearby, and also taking into consideration the solid reputation of Costa Rica for premium traveling, makes Nosara an exceptional place in the real estate investment industry.

Prices have been steadily increasing, and the boom is far from over. Contact Manuel Yglesias, our IR Global member, for details and investment opportunities.

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